June 2010

Based on the previous year of documenation work by Clarke Caton Hintz, Long Hill Township was awarded a grant for $162,712. for exterior restoration construction by the Morris County Historic Preservation Trust Fund. As soon as legal agreements with Morris County are concluded, Long Hill Township can begin the bidding process in order to hire contractors for the construction work. It is hoped that physical work of the restoration of the building can begin during 2011.

January 2010

Historic Preservation Contractor Clarke Caton Hintz has nearly completed its Historic Sites Report (HSR) and Preservation Plan (PP). They are also preparing a nomination for the building to be listed on the National and State Registers of Historic Places. (It already has been pre-qualified to be on the registers with a Certificate of Eligibility) Read a draft of the reports at this link.

May 2009

Long Hill has been approved for a second grant from the New Jersey Historic Trust. The grant administrators in Trenton and in Morristown are attempting to reconcile the overlapping scopes of the two grants. The new historic preservation contractor has begun site survey work on the schoolhouse.

March 2009

The change in the historic architect/consultant requested by the Long Hill Historic Preservation Advisory Committee has been approved by Morris County. Reconciliation of differences between the contract offered by Long Hill and the scope of work in the Morris County grant still need to be resolved.

December 2008

The Historic Preservation Advisory Committee is in the process of changing the historic architect/consultant originally approved by Morris County. The new proposed firm is currently under review by the Morris County grant program staff and its independent outside reviewer. 75% of the 2008 grant work must be completed by January 7, 2009 in order for Long Hill to be eligible for another grant in 2009.

September 2008

The Township Committee accepted the grant offer from the Morris County Historic Preservation Trust Fund. However, the Historic Preservation Advisory Committee is seeking to change the terms under which the grant was offered. This will delay the commencement of the work the grant is to fund which will make the possibility of a second grant in 2009 less likely.

June-July 2008

The grant application for the first phase of restoration funding has been approved by the Morris County Historic Preservation Trust Fund. The county grant program is waiting for acceptance by the Township Committee before the grant deadline expires in September.

May 2008

A Certificate of Eligibilty for the National and State Registers of Historic Places has been issued by the NJ State Historic Preservation Office.

March-April 2008

A grant application for restoration funding has been made to the Morris County Historic Preservation Trust Fund. A filing has also been made with the NJ State Historic Preservation Office for preliminary registration on the State and National Register of Historic Places.


Nov. 2006

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Welcome to the Historical Society's website. We'll be adding more content from our archives as soon as we can.


1908 photo of Long Hill Road
Long Hill Road, Millington looking east from Basking Ridge Road - 1908
click on the photo to see a larger version (postcard photo courtesy of Dale Monetti)

Next meeting program: Special Event Sunday Afternoon, December 3, 2017 at 1:30 pm.


A perfect opportunity has recently arisen. At this time there are four Historic Homes on the market, that are all  located in Millington and within five minutes of each other! The Historical Society thought this would be an ideal time to take advantage of this unusual circumstance and open the houses to the public. This has been made possible by the generosity of Theresa Filippone with Coldwell Realtors and the current home owners. 

Space is limited, so reservations will be required by calling  Kathy Pfeil at 908-350-8012 by November 25.  Unfortunately we cannot accommodate children. A suggested donation of $20. will be accepted day of the tour. If the weather is inclement, you can call 908-350-8012 to learn if a cancellation is necessary. 

We plan to meet at the Millington Train Station at 1:30 pm on Sunday December 3, where we will park and walk, or carpool to each home. It will be an uphill walk, so please wear comfortable shoes. We can arrange rides for those  who are in need.  We will be traveling from house to house as a group and spending 30 to 45 minutes at each home. A brief history will be given of each home and the surrounding area. The final home will host a small Holiday Reception.

Anyone who has ever  been curious about our Township History, can now enjoy a glimpse into our past!

Meetings are held at the Long Hill Township First Aid Squad building, 949 Valley Road, Gillette, between the Town Hall/Library complex and the Valley Mall; park behind the First Aid Squad building away from the building, or in the Town Hall parking lot.

Unless otherwise announced, meetings and presentations start at 7:30 pm. Meetings are free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served. For more information, comments or questions email to Beg51@aol.com or call 908-647-1523.

Historical Society members: 2017 membership dues of $15 will be collected at this meeting. Donations are always appreciated.

logo of the Historical Society   
The Long Hill Township Historical Society was established in 1965 as the Passaic Township Historical Society.  The formation of the society evolved from the Passaic Township Tercentenary Committee. Every municipality throughout the state was asked to chronicle the State of New Jersey's tercentennial in some manner. 

The Township Committee appointed the Passaic Township Tercentenary Committee to lead the project in our township.  One result was the publication of "Passaic Township, A Short History Published in Connection with the New Jersey Tercentennial 1664-1964".

Members of this committee were responsible for establishing the Passaic Township Historical Society in 1965.  The first officers were Ms. Gwendolyn Thomas, president; Mr. Reinhart Rist, vice president; Ms. Esther Cornish, secretary; and Mr. Jean Cornish, treasurer.

The organization is dedicated to the preservation of the cultural and historical heritage of the community.  The current officers and meeting schedule are listed at the bottom of this page.

Projects completed by the Historical Society have included:
  • Creation of an official township flag which was presented to township officials for display in the town hall;
  • Tours of historical homes in the township in 1981 and 1995;
  • Publication of "A Guide to Historic Buildings and Sites in Passaic Township"in 1984;
  • Publication of "Passaic Township, A Short History Published in Connection with the New Jersey Tercentennial 1664-1964";
  • Images of America, Long Hill Township, A Photographic History written by Mary Lou Weller, Historian of the Society, was released in 1997.  The book is available for purchase through the Historical Society.  Contact Rene Phelan.
  • Completion of the project to establish a memorial marker for the Revolutionary War Beacon at the corner of Long Hill Road and Pleasant Plains Road.
  • A donation was made to the Morris County Heritage Commission for an historical marker on Central Avenue to commemorate the Stirling Workers' District.

The Historical Society provides expertise and documentation to the Long Hill Township Historic Preservation Advisory Commttee, an appointed branch of the local goverenment which reports to the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment, the Township Committee, or any division of local government which requires historic preservation input.

The Society has a number of maps, books, photographs, audio tapes, and artifacts, many of which are currently housed in the Long Hill Library for preview by interested community members. A list of the holdings is on file at the Library.  The room at the Library is open to the public most Wednesdays from 1 to 3 pm or by appointment. The collection includes the following:
  • 50 historical maps of Long Hill Township
  • Two albums of photographs of houses, residents, and local topics
  • Books and tapes of remembrances of life in Long Hill Township during the early to mid 1900's
  • Family information and histories.
Barbara Grillo, President, 908-647-1523
Larry Fast, Vice-President 908-647-3007
Kathy Pfeil, Treasurer 908-350-8012
Guy Roshto, Secretary
Todd Heacock
Claire Monroe
Phyllis Fast
Kelly Roshto
Meetings: 2nd Thursdays at 7:30 at the Long Hill First Aid Squad Building, except for January, July and August
Life Membership - one time payment $150
Household (family or individual) - per year $15
Send dues payable to:
Long Hill Twp.Historical Society.
Kathy Pfeil, Treasurer
123 Cross Hill Road.
Millington, NJ 07946

In Memoriam

Passaic Township/Long Hill Township Historical Society member, officer, trustee
Rene' Phelan 1926-2017

Passaic Township/Long Hill Township Historical Society President
Bill Watts 1923-2016

Passaic Township/Long Hill Township Historical Society member, officer, trustee
Rose Watts 1923-2011

Lo Long Hill Township Historian
Passaic Township/Long Hill Township Historical Society member
Mary Lou Weller 1935-2010

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